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Fixed Numbers Simulation


Another strategy that we hear people playing is to play their favourite numbers.  They will play the same numbers again and again until they win big.  The Fixed Numbers simulation is intended to mimmick that behaviour.  Is it a good strategy?  Judge for yourself.

Click the button to start the Fixed Numbers simulation for Lotto 649 or Lotto Max.   The simulation will quick pick a set of numbers and then play the same numbers for each round from previous draws in each draw.

A few things to note: The simulation assumes that you buy a single ticket, using the latest most played numbers for each and every draw. If the quick pick ticket wins a free ticket, the free tickets are also played in the next round. 

If you are looking at the Lotto Max simulation, a single set of numbers from the most played numbers will include two additional quick pick lines. In essence, a single ticket includes three sets of numbers.